The ShipShape Family

With one shop in Exmouth and one in Wells, nearly 70 miles apart, you’d think we’d be two teams. In fact here at ShipShape we couldn’t be closer. Here are the team dedicated to you:

PhilDirector & Chief

Phil has owned and run ShipShape for over 10 years now and not only does he put the customer at the heart of everything we do, he also makes sure that ShipShape is a safe and fun environment to work in. With previous expertise in clothing manufacturing, Phil knows everything you need to know on the products and materials used. Phil is also not shy in getting on and printing or embroidery when needed. Phil loves dark chocolate digestives and always matches his belt with his shoes.

JoJoSales Manager & Right hand woman

Jo has worked for ShipShape for over 5 years and is second in command in making sure everything runs smoothly and keeping customers happy. No matter what it is you want, just speak to Jo and she can normally make that happen. As well as doing the artwork and overseeing print production, Jo is ready to jump on and embroider whenever necessary. This knowledge of the process helps in advising customers what's best for their orders. She loves baking and has often been known to burst into song!

NikkiOffice Manager

Nikki has been with ShipShape for over 2 years now and oversees the embroidery production alongside Phil and Jo. Nikki is 'jack of all trades' and has often been known to order, sort, dispatch, print and embroider all in 1 day! Any queries or concerns Nikki is on hand to deliver exceptional customer service building a great rapport with her customers. If she doesn't know the answers she knows where she can find them, but her main role is to keep Jo and Phil in line! Nikki loves days out and camping with her family.

SandraEmbroidery Extraordinaire

Sandra is one half of an amazing duo that keep the embroidery machines running so that orders of all shapes and sizes are complete on time and to a high standard. Never phased by hard work or deadlines, if there’s a job to do – it will get done!

JeanEmbroidery Extraordinaire

Jean is the other half of the amazing duo on the embroidery machines. With Sandra and Jean side by side no job is too big. A fun loving pair who bring a great atmosphere to work, they are always having a laugh but don't be fooled, these ladies mean business!

VickyPrinting & customer service

Vicky ensures the printing is up to date and out on time. She is a stickler to detail making sure products are out to the highest standard. Vicky has a great eye for detail keeping the Exmouth store in ship shape and looking great! When not at work you can find Vicky walking her dog Teddy, or swimming in the sea!

SarahPrinting & customer service

The second half of our printing team, Sarah works hard with Vicky to get the printing completed and out to the highest standard. Sarah is also in charge of our social media and online presence as well as being our bubbly face of the Exmouth store. Sarah loves to run for miles as well as hitting the beach!

CrunchieBrand ambassador & Mascot

Crunchie is a very important member of the team, as well as brand ambassador and mascot, he also occasionaly stands in as our HR manager ensuring everyone is happy at work! It's hard to feel stressed under Crunchie's watchful eye and supervision.